Sunday, March 8, 2015

SOLC # 9 - Due Monday at 8 pm

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             It's Day Nine of the March Classroom Slice of Life Challenge!  Week number two!  Keep going; you can do it!  Daylights Savings Time is here!

        Thanks for trying some new approaches to your slices!

        Repeating this advice: Here are three words that might help with your ideas. In telling a story about yourself or someone else, characters MOVE, TALK, & THINK. Adding action, dialogue or thoughts helps to 'stretch' the writing!

      Remember to read and comment on your classmates' blogs, plus Max & Kam's Class and some other classroom! 

        Did you know Kimber is slicing with us this month? Her blog is i-here-now.

     Go to the Classroom challenge link on the Two Writing Teachers post given at the top to find another classroom's links to click on!
Have you posted a sky picture yet? This warm week is the time to look,
and find a terrific picture to post, and maybe name? Is it a bird, a plane,
The Code:

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    1. Sorry, it's supposed to say climbing to the sky.


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