Saturday, March 7, 2015

SOLC # 8 - Due Sunday by 8 pm

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             It's Day Eight of the March Classroom Slice of Life Challenge!  Starting week number two!  Give yourselves an extra treat today for completing an entire week of writing every day!

        I see some creative changes from the same kind of slicing, some lists and poems, some picture stories. Congratulations to those who are trying new things.

        Here are three words that might help with your ideas. In telling a story about yourself or someone else, characters MOVE, TALK, & THINK. Adding action, dialogue or thoughts helps to 'stretch' the writing!

      Remember to read and comment on your classmates' blogs, plus Max & Kam's Class and some other classroom! 

 Here's a class from Kuala Lumpur-your age. I know one or two have commented on some of your slices already. 
          Check out their slices! 
Things to do on the weekend-puzzles!
What do you do?
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  1. Looking forward to reading your students' writing today.

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