Monday, March 30, 2015

SOLC # 31 - due Tuesday at 8pm - THE END

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         It's Day Thirty-One of the March Classroom Slice of Life Challenge!   You've made it! I hope you're proud of making it all the way through. Nearly all of you have posted every.single. day! And the rest of you have posted many of the days!

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Here are some collected lines from all the posts, day by day. Do you recognize some of them, or your own?

  Six months of time poured into this delicate, intricate piece.

  By the sound of his voice it was urgent and I climbed out of my spot in the prickly huckleberry bushes that I was hiding in.

  I think maybe next year though, my mom will pass on us doing the Christmas cookies.

  When you see it, you see it’s mysterious charm and the stories that are hidden right behind the front door.

  Just keep your plant fingers crossed.

  The front of the wave turns still and glassy, and I know it"s about to break right on top of me. Time seems to slow down.

  The beginning is fine, but as I wrap my arms around for a final hug, it hits me. I close around them tighter then let go.
 This is my life now and probably will be always, I would like to keep it that way.

  If Google was a hamster, he would probably spend most of his time looking for random things in his cage.

  “Who wants coconuts?!”
“I do!”
“I do!”
“I do!”

A tingly nervous feeling fills your stomach, like little butterflies.

  Soccer is what helps me get my mind away from school. It's the one time I don't really have to think.

   Lastly, after a moment of silence, she took out a little plastic bottle and blew some bubbles.

   All of a sudden I think of an idea.  The words start to flow again but faster this time like a rushing river.

  I was soaring through the air for what seemed like forever, the wind was maneuvering around me like I was an airfoil.

  Tiny objects can sometimes have the most value of all. This was the being’s thoughts as it ripped open the wrapping paper.

   An abstract swirl/of spiraling leaves.

  The grey clouds that cover the sky remind my of Seattle, and the foggy feel of my neighborhood reminds me even more. I love this kind of weather.

  Sharpies on my floor, chipped nail polish. Smudged lipstick.

  I can never find what I’m looking for,/It’s always in the last place I look,

  We threw instructions out the window and just made up rules as we went along.

  Sitting here, on this special bench I know that no matter how much I pretend, and although this is where I want to be, I don't belong here.

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