Monday, March 9, 2015

SOLC # 10 - Due Tuesday at 8 pm

The link to the Two Writing Teachers blog is HERE!  Look for the Classroom Challenge!

             It's Day Ten of the March Classroom Slice of Life Challenge!  Week number two!  Keep going; you can do it!  Daylights Savings Time is here! And Double-Digit Days!

            Keep trying some new approaches to your slices!

        Repeating this advice: Here are three words that might help with your ideas. In telling a story about yourself or someone else, characters MOVE, TALK, & THINK. Adding action, dialogue or thoughts helps to 'stretch' the writing!

      Remember to read and comment on your classmates' blogs, plus Max & Kam's Class and some other classroom! 

     Go to the Classroom challenge link on the Two Writing Teachers post given at the top to find another classroom's links to click on!
The moon was full a few days ago. Do you have
a moonlight memory?

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