Thursday, February 5, 2015

Slice # Five

         Post Slice # 5 here by Friday evening, Feb. 6th! Remember to include a visual, your own art uploaded or a photo.
           Please re-read your posts before you hit "publish". Some of you are publishing some words that seem auto-corrected, & "not correct"! And others are making some sentences that are not complete, or don't always make sense. It's important to make them as well edited as possible. 
          Please comment on the post right before you, and at least two others. 

          Remember Max & Kam's blog, too!

       You're always welcome to write your slice about a part of your life, a special person in your life, or a particular time-your choice. This time, a few people asked for an idea. So, here it is! I wonder if you can connect a personal memory with this picture? 

Happy Writing!

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