Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Welcome to Our Blog!

                   Welcome to your first week of blogging in our class. We'll read others' words, from those in Max & Kam's class, and from other classes that we'll eventually connect with. You can find Max & Kam's blog here! They'll be blogging about books this week (more ideas of good books to read), but soon will be slicing too. This week you'll create your blog & then your first post, a slice of life. Link your post up to this blog in the comments by Friday, the 9th. 

              Here's how you link:

  • Write your post.  Read it for errors. If you have trouble editing, it's good to copy & paste it into a word document to do a grammar/spell check. 
  • Be sure to create a post title, and add a label for it in the label box on the right.
  • Click the orange button that says "publish". Click above on View Blog.
  • When you're viewing your blog, you'll see the title. Click on it, & in the address window above, you'll see what is called "the unique URL" in it. Highlight it, copy, & that's what you'll paste into the window of the comments for this blog.
Here is the code for putting a link into the comments

   <a href="url">text</a> 

 Put the "unique url" between those quotation marks, & put any other words you want to say where the word >text> is.

           At the top of this blog you'll see a "page" that gives other blogging guidelines. We'll also review this together.

           The picture I chose seems to celebrate our 'beginnings' to our blogs, and I found this at this 'free site for bloggers', title Photopin. Find it here.

What you need to do to cite the source is download the picture you choose, then copy the code that you'll find in the box below the picture. I usually choose to download "Medium 640". When you get the code, paste it into your blog post. Drag the picture to the desktop, then go to the picture box above in the command line (ask if you don't spot it) & download it into your post.

Here's the code for the picture above: photo credit: <a href="">UNE Photos</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Special Note: When you paste it in, it will look different AFTER you publish!

I usually choose to make it a smaller font. You can highlight it, & go up to the tool bar again, F for font, T for size. I use Times, but you can choose what you want, & I choose Normal. Large for most posts is too big, small for easy reading is too small.

          Be sure to comment on at least 5 classmates' post. Read about commenting on the page of blogging guidelines above!  And if you're feeling really enthusiastic, go read some of Max & Kam's class posts, & comment there too!


  1. link to my slice/ first post:

  2. Hey guys! Nice to see y'all blogging.

    1. Haha yeah! I love your blog by the way, especially the mosaic format

    2. nice to see you guys blogging too. :)

    3. Yay! glad your all blogging! :)

    4. Fyodor, how did you get your profile pic to move?

  3. This is a link to my first slice of life.

  4. The other two links I have posted have not worked. maybe this one will work.

    slice of life

    1. This time, you've linked to your book post!



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